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JDR has built a solid reputation finding high quality Sales, Sales Leadership, Operations, Clinical Training/Implementation, HR, Marketing, or any other open roles for our Dental Customers. JDR engages in all levels in the Dental Space from Junior sales to CEO!

We are in the early stages of compiling videos, slide presentations and downloadable content we will use to help our candidates and hiring managers during an active search and after.

These resources will cover a wide range of topics covered below … and more!

Getting Noticed

  • Over 75% of resumes NEVER see human eyes! Learn how to beat AI screening systems.
  • Learn tips to make yours stand out!
  • Social media secrets to position yourself for a great opportunity.
  • How to build and leverage a your network.

You’ve Been Noticed. … Now What?

  • What to expect in today’s job interview.
  • Interview research and preparation.
  • Techniques to help you shine in a video or phone interview screen.
  • Post-interview follow up and plan for next steps.

Matching Talent With Opportunity

  • Effective selection process techniques to find the right candidate while efficiently using your time.
  • Match the ideal candidate with your company goals and culture.
  • Improved communication before, during and after the interview.
  • Improving success after the offer is accepted.

Continuing Your Career Journey

  • Books and reference literature we have used and recommend.
  • Our favorite online resources.
  • JDR recommended networking events to consider.

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